Our mission is to provide you with tools and resources to have optimal health while focusing on whole food plant-based diet eliminating toxic ingredients in food, food ingredients and personal care products.
Rhonda Bunkley
Founder of Opt 4 Optimal Health

Rhonda Bunkley, born in 1963, is an advocate of healthy eating, working out, and peaceful living. She is on a fierce mission to help educate and inspire others to live a superior quality of life.  Growing up she lived a much different lifestyle than she does now, filling voids with unhealthy eating. 


She also experienced  bullying and abuse from peers and some family members which eventually led to eating disorders at a very young age. Thought determination and perseverance, she overcame these food struggles around age 23 after graduating college in 1986. Fast forward to 1998, she unfortunately, lost her loving mom to colon cancer at a young age of 58. Her mom was full of life and positive energy, an example of how to live a positive and joyful life. 


Due to Rhonda's personal struggles with eating disorders, being overweight as a child, and losing her mom she has always been interested in health and nutrition.  Even though she went through some struggles, she is now happy and healthy and is excited to practice and educate others about how she does it!! Being in the health insurance industry for a few years, the combination of hearing and seeing a plethora of people on countless pharmaceutical drugs  and watching her mom pass from cancer, it opened her eyes to just how big of an issue poor health is for so many people in this country. 


From high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic illness, depression and anxiety issues, we are inundated with chronic health problems every single day. With her compassionate heart and a desire to help others, she is reaching out to help others have a chance to live a more vibrant and longer life! 

She has a passion for getting to the bottom of what does work verses what doesn't and understands the importance of educating and helping others.  


Rhonda enjoys the ongoing research in the health and nutrition field and loves seeing people’s own health transformations. 


She hopes her blog will encourage others to live a holistic lifestyle though healthy food choices to help us feel better both physically and mentally while also supporting health to prevent chronic disease and help us live a better quality of life. 

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